ADS-B Out: The challenges of the 2020 mandate


Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B) is rapidly becoming the hottest topic in business aviation. The deadline for the new broadcasting and positioning system is getting closer and closer, but there is still a huge number of aircraft that do not fulfil the mandate requirements.

Corporate Jet Investor sat down with Christopher Benich, head of aerospace and regulatory affairs at Honeywell Aerospace, and Mark Francetic, regional avionics sales manager at Duncan Aviation, to discuss all things ADS-B.

Corporate Jet Investor: In terms of maintenance, what processes are required to install ADS-B?

Francetic: This varies depending on what systems the aircraft already has installed. The base equipment needed is usually a transponder and a GPS sensor, and then we need to find a form of annunciation for the package, and eliminate latency.

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