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As you may know, most states charge sales tax on the purchase of tangible property, including aircraft. Ordinarily the seller is required to collect and remit sales tax to the taxing authority. So, one of the first tax issues an aircraft buyer must address is whether the state in which the buyer intends to take delivery of the aircraft has any applicable exemptions from that state’s sales tax. In the absence of an exemption, sales tax would otherwise be due on the purchase/sale with either the seller collecting and remitting the sales tax or the buyer paying the sales tax directly. And since a seller does not want to be responsible for the sales tax, the seller will require the buyer to provide satisfactory proof of an applicable exemption, usually in the form of a signed exemption certificate.

Although taxes are a fact of life, in aircraft transactions they can be a very significant fact

In what will be its first widespread commercial use, Split Scimitar Winglets have officially been giving the go-ahead to grace United Boeing 737-800s all across the country. While winglets themselves are nothing new, this more aerodynamic incarnation should cut fuel costs by 2%—in other words, pushing their total winglet-related savings to $200 million. Because winglets curve upward, the higher air pressure on the wing’s lower surface flows toward the tip and curls with the winglet. Since the air is pushed upward, this reduces the vortex and subsequent energy loss that is created by air flowing around the wingtip. The split design of the new ones, then, further reduce the vortices formed behind the wing, which in turn further reduces energy loss.

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Better Avionics

Upgrading an older aircraft can be one way of enhancing performance or functionality while delaying the costs associated with replacing the aircraft. Even so, the costs can be substantial and the may outweigh the benefits.

Upgrades are different from conversions. An upgrade enhances what is already there while a conversion results in major changes to the systems or design of the aircraft hopefully improving the aircraft substantially. Replacing the engines with newer, different engines such as Honeywell has done with the Falcon 20 and Falcon 50 would be a conversion. Adding an aft fuselage baggage locker to a Lear is an upgrade.

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The latest ride-sharing business touches down in France.

Wingly is connecting private pilots with nearby passengers who are looking for a cheap flight on a light plane.

Like Uber and Airbnb, it works by bringing people together through an app based system.

This service is currently offered in Germany, the UK and France.

Pilot and Wingly co-founder Emeric de Waziers met passenger Benjamin Joneau through the app.

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Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B) is rapidly becoming the hottest topic in business aviation. The deadline for the new broadcasting and positioning system is getting closer and closer, but there is still a huge number of aircraft that do not fulfil the mandate requirements.

Corporate Jet Investor sat down with Christopher Benich, head of aerospace and regulatory affairs at Honeywell Aerospace, and Mark Francetic, regional avionics sales manager at Duncan Aviation, to discuss all things ADS-B.

Corporate Jet Investor: In terms of maintenance, what processes are required to install ADS-B?

Francetic: This varies depending on what systems the aircraft already has installed. The base equipment needed is usually a transponder and a GPS sensor, and then we need to find a form of annunciation for the package, and eliminate latency.

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